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Michael Ouzikov is an artist, architect, designer and writer born in Ekaterinburg, Russia, graduated from the Art and Architectural Academy in 1990 with a Masters Degree in Art and Architecture. On top of this, he completed one more year doing post-graduate work at the Liverpool University School of Artists and Architects, in Liverpool, England in 1990-91.
Michael has worked as a professional artist since 1985, first as a member of the Russian Independent Artists' Union, "Vernisage." Between 1985 and 1990 he staged more than 30 exhibitions throughout Russia, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Ekaterinburg. He won numerous awards, and has works on display at the National Museum of Art and Museum of Architecture in Ekaterinburg, Russian-American Museum of Modern Art (RAMA) in Naples, USA.

• Michael has taken part in more than 50 exhibitions. His paintings now live in prestigious private collections and galleries around the world in England, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, United States, France, Japan, Sweden, Argentina, Russia and Portugal.
• Over the past dozen years, Michael has exhibited his works in galleries in Amsterdam, Santpoort, Ijsselmuiden, and Hague, Netherlands; in Bruges, Belgium; in Bremen, Heidelberg and Frankfurt, Germany; and in London and Liverpool, England. In the North America, he has had exhibitions in Montclair, Wisconsin, in Seattle, Washington, and most recently in Toronto, Canada  where he now resides. He works with "Gallery At Next" and "Laurier Gallery" in Toronto, Canada, as well as "Gallery on Fifth", Naples, Florida, USA.​
​Michael received the Award of Excellence at the 26th annual World Architecture in Perspective Exhibition. The show was juried in Tokyo, Japan on February 12th, 2011.

His art is inclusive, fully realized simultaneously through the collective and individual imagination. Everyone is free to discover the world of Michael Ouzikov on their personal terms. The power of Michael’s works lies in how each single interpretation becomes the whole experience. Ouzikov’s work lies in its ability to transform ordinary events into epics filled with symbolic meaning. His stories are universal plots framed on canvas and set to a timeless score.

The variety and effects in Ouzikov’s art rely on his skillful manipulations of colour and movement – solid volumetric colour massifs, repeated and rearranged in layers of contrasting planes, in visible three-dimensional strokes. Not one of his works imposes a single point of view. Much like a concert, a film or an opera – he leaves it to the viewer to decipher a set of symbols and allegories to form their sense of the experience, of the story.
Michael lives and works in Toronto, Canada since 1997.

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